Your Opinion in Action: Building a Better Loyalty Program

September 16, 2019 | Consultez d’autres articles -->

What happens after you submit your survey responses? Where do your answers go? How is your opinion used? We want to answer these questions by sharing past examples of how your responses and opinions have influenced clients to make better business decisions.

First up, we have a case of a brand who wanted to change their loyalty program but needed insight from the people who matter most to them – their customers. This brand had multiple loyalty program options prepared and wanted customers to tell them what they think would work best. Surveys were sent out, you provided your opinion, and the brand found what they were looking for.

Thanks to your responses, the brand was left with a clear direction for their loyalty program. Co-creating the program with you, their customers, and ensuring your needs were met was the key to success. This brand could have done their research with any company, but they chose us because our community is known for its high quality insights. Our members provide honest and reliable responses and our clients appreciate that. Plus, our researchers carefully select and balance which members receive the survey invite to ensure the insights are representative of a wide range of individuals. We all work together to provide clients with reliable, representative, and valid data.

Your opinion influenced a loyalty program that countless customers can benefit from for years to come. Pretty cool, right? 

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